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Univers: hunting and sportswear

Sustainability, uniqueness, comfort: Univers is the best brand of technical sportswear for hunting and leisure.


in the hunting sector

At Univers you will find a qualified team specialized for over 30 years in the production and trade of sportswear, dedicated to hunting and leisure.


Univers provides convenience for athletes to take advantage of every free moment spent playing their favorite outdoor sport.

The creations reflect a natural lifestyle and enhance the joy of freedom with the comfort and feel of comfortable clothing.​

Univers clothes Nature

UNIVERS® Official Dealers

Unisport is the only worldwide distributor of the Univers® brand, which is highly sought after on both the Italian and international markets.

Dressing Univers means dressing nature. Our choice of sustainable clothing is the greatest thanks we can give to the environment that surrounds us and still allows us to fully enjoy its territories.

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